Secrets of the Ica Stones and Nazca Lines: proofs that dinosaurs and man lived together

Dinosaurs went missing about 65 million year ago. Or did they? What if they really didn’t. What if dinosaurs were still around as late as years ago. And if people and dinosaurs lived contemporaneously? That would shoot holes in a lot of modern science. Paleontology would be badly wounded.


Ica Stones: Encyclopedia of Ancient Knowledge? In the town of Ica, Peru there is a unique collection of over 11, stones with much more known to exist that were collected, organized, and analyzed by the late Dr. Javier Cabrera Darquea.

The type of art form represented by these stones, and their location, dated them one of the discoveries comes from the same continent as the Ica burial stones.

The stones come in all sizes. There are small ones that can fit in the palm of you hand while others are more massive. Some of the skulls appear to be elongated naturally. They are perfectly smooth and show no evidence of having been banded. There are unsubstantiated reports that a pregnant mummy has been found and x-rays indicate the fetus has an elongated skull.

This is picture of an Ica stone from Ica, Peru. Thousands of these stones were found in a river cave. They potray men killing dinosaurs, men performing open-heart surgery, men transplanting organs, and men looking through teloscopes. Many have claimed that these are fake. Evidence points otherwise. Ica Stones – Ancient carvings on stones by the Mayans depict humans and dinosaurs living together.

Ica Stones: Inca Burial Stones Show Incas Met Triceratops?

Lechtman, Heather, Arsenic bronze: Dirty copper or chosen alloy? For this reason it seems strange that professional archeologists reject theme out of hand. Cabrera, who ran a museum showcasing the artifacts before his death, was a professor of medicine and the head of his department at the University of Lima, estimates that considering his own collection, other collections with which he was aware, that as many as 50, of these artifacts have been found. These ‘hominids’ appear to belong to a different branch of the Homo sapiens tree, something like a very large Neanderthal, or other Giant hominids.

Cabrera released the information publically.

Dec 25, – The Ica Stones of Peru The Ica Stones are a collection of Maps of the World depicting all of the known continents found on an Ica Stone of semen ritual of ancient Nazca desert region of Peru, South America dating BCE.

To browse Academia. Skip to main content. Log In Sign Up. Download Free PDF. The Ica Stones Controversy. John Jensen. The Ica Stones Controversy One of the most prolific set of images depicting concurrent man-dinosaur co-existence are the Ica stones collected by Dr. Xavier Kabrera and other explorers, and stored in the private museum of Dr. Kabrera, as well as the Ica museum, the Aeronautics museum in Lima, the Naval museum in Callao, and others.

The total number of Ica Stones is between 11, and 15,, and, according to Dr. Kabrera, taking into account all of the stones which have been distributed to private collectors, there are more than 50, stones. Kabrera estimates that in subsoil buried or hidden remains more than – thousand similar stones.

Ica Stones (did man & dinosaurs coexist?)

These are photos of what are called Ica stones. These stones are from Dr. In the mids, an area of Peru suffered some unusual torrential rains causing the flooding of the Ica River. The subsequent erosion exposed several hundred of these remarkable stones with engravings of several kinds of dinosaurs and other things such as a telescope and a global map, that the ancient Incans should have had no way to have known about.

Some of the dinosaurs are carved with men, often they are battling each other. Right off the bat, the manner of discovery practically precludes faking of the original findings, unless someone was more able to predict unexpected flooding and erosion than a professional meteorologist.

The Ica Stones are a collection of thousands of andesite stones, found in modern​-day Peru in There is no reliable way of dating the stones.

Ica Stones, discovered in a cave near Ica, Peru – a collection of andesite stones that contain ancient depictions of dinosaurs attacking or helping humans, advanced technology, advanced medical operations, maps, and sexual depictions. While there is a degree of ambiguity that leaves room for differing interpretations, they display definite knowledge of things that are wholly anachronistic. Skeptics have claimed, though without proof, that they are modern forgeries, based on the premise that it is impossible for humans to have seen a living dinosaur.

The stones remain a mystery, and reinforce the intriguing possibility that the ancient Amerindians knew of such creatures. An Ica Stone from Peru depicting a man riding a dinosaur, evidence that both man and dinosaur co-existed and that at times men could tame these beasts possibly using them to build such large structures as pyramids. Rock Art.

The mysterious Ica Stones depict a wide number of scenes: From dinosaurs attacking human beings, to traces of advanced technology, medical operations, maps and erotic scenes. While there certainly is a note of ambiguity which ultimately leaves room for different interpretations of the stones, these artifacts are the ultimate prove that there is more to ancient history than any of us have ben led to believe by mainstream scholars.

Many researchers agree that our history books are incomplete….

mounds and stones

Maybe there was some sort of extraordinarily intelligent species on earth thousands of years ago. They had conical heads and carved rocks to teach us what they knew, then they flew away in their spaceships. Ica stone thousands of years old depict open heart surgeries and dinosaur images. This is picture of an Ica stone from Ica, Peru. Thousands of these stones were found in a river cave.

They potray men killing dinosaurs, men performing open-heart surgery, men transplanting organs, and men looking through teloscopes.

Jan 29, – ICA stones of Peru- proof that people coexisted with dinosaurs. See more ideas Carved rocks that have been dated to over years old.

The Ica Stones are a collection of andesite stones alleged to contain ancient depictions of dinosaurs and advanced technology. The Ica stones were popularized by Javier Cabrera, a Peruvian doctor who received an engraved stone as a birthday gift in Carlos and Pablo Soldi, two collectors of artifacts who had failed to interest the archaeological community with their findings, found an interested party in Dr.

Cabrera, to whom they sold similar stones. Cabrera soon found another supplier, a peasant named Basilio Uschuya. From these and other sources, Cabrera collected. The stones come in all sizes. There are small ones that can fit in the palm of you hand while others are more massive. All of the stones have images that have been carved with continuous lines etched into the rock surface. The etching reveals a lighter color than the original dark varnish of age, yet the etched grooves also bear traces of this varnish, indicating that the carving was done in ancient times.

Laboratories in Germany have authenticated the incisions that make up the carvings as extremely ancient. Nearby fossil finds indicate the area to be replete in bone fragments millions of years old.

Peru-Nazca History

The Ica Stones are a collection of thousands of andesite stones, found in modern-day Peru in Ica Province, that bear a variety of strange and interesting diagrams. They depict humans coexisting with Dinosaurs, and numerous alleged examples of advanced technologies. Ica Stone. Photo Credit. An Ica stone allegedly depicting dinosaurs. They were found in the s in the ravines and caves near Ocucaje, in Ica province.

Rocks cannot be carbon dated but as we relate below a number of experts have given their opinion as to the age of these stones as being between 1, and.

The Ica Stones are a collection of what are believed to be ancient Peruvian artifacts that depict man and dinosaurs, extinct creatures like prehistoric fish, ancient world maps and what could be described as complex medical procedures. The stones are the source of much mystery due to their engravings and pose many questions if authentic about our version of history, particularly the existence of dinosaurs and humans and at what point we or they existed.

The main issue many scientists have with the Ica Stones is that the presumed date of the stones is unknown due to the near impossibility of dating non organic material. Determining when and what period they were engraved or even when the rocks were formed is almost impossible to accurately predict. What we do know about the Ica Stones is that most of them are owned by a Dr Javier Cabrera Darquea who first encountered one of the stones around age forty.

Intrigued by the engravings on the rock, Dr Cabrera enquired about them, subsequently purchasing a collection that now stands at what is thought to be more than 10,

Dinosaurs and Ica Stones

The Ica Stones and Dr. Javier Cabrera. Sara Ross. May 21, The Ica Stones are currently displayed in the Ica Stones Museum in Ica , Peru which houses approximately 11, of the estimated 15, or more stones that are said to exist. Proponents believe the stones were originally been found in in a cave of the Peruvian Ocucaje desert but that Spanish ethnohistoric sources from the colonial period make mention of similarly carved stones found in tombs.

for Ica, Peru, discovered many hundreds of ceremonial burial stones in the tombs radiocarbon dating techniques rely upon organic material (that was once.

Dennis Swift claims there are certain Ica stones that picture dinosaurs and man. In in a cave near Ica, Peru many engraved stones were discovered. Javier Cabrera from Peru has 20, Ica stones many which depict giant reptiles. His web site includes pictures of these stones at The Ica Stones Association. On the right is a picture of one of the Ica stones that Dr. Kent Hovind has. A farmer claimed to find the stones in a cave.

He was arrested for selling the stones to tourists.

The Ica Stones

The Ica stones are purported to have been carved by Inca indians before A. Today I saw my first Ica stone, and I found it the most astonishing evidence I had every seen for the co-existence of humans and dinosaurs, in particular triceratops. There is no mistaking this image as a triceratops.

Dec 10, – As we move on down the line of the 10 most not-so-puzzling ancient artifacts, we come to the Ica Stones. These are perhaps the most perplexing.

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Ancient Artwork! The Ica Stones & DINOSAURS